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Welcome  to This site helps people find the best activity tracker to record their daily life or sports activity, whether it is a watch or a device that is worn on the body, one that would fit with both the need for features and budget.

We have looked in depth at some of the most popular models from the biggest brands so be sure to check out our Fitbit Reviews and our articles.

The majority of this site is focused on helping you to find the best activity tracking watches and wearable devices that suit everyday needs from brands such as Fitbit and Garmin as these are the most popular however we will bring you guides that focus on trackers that are perfect for specific sports such as swimming which requires water resistance and cycling which needs GPS in order to give accurate results.

What is an Activity Tracker?
You probably already have a good idea of this, (but for those who do not), an activity tracker or fitness tracker  is any kind of device designed to monitor an individual and record data against a set number of activities. With these types of activity tracker there are two elements that matter; the device that is worn on or around the body which records all of the data based on the inputs it receives and then you have the software that takes that data and displays the information, usually via some form of dashboard or via an app so that you can understand what all that data means.

Many of the popular activity trackers on the market today connect in real time to a smartphone which allows the user to see the data being recorded on their activity in convenient way. As mentioned above, This site around the best activity tracker’s that you can buy in the UK  that you wear around the wrist or clip to your clothing not the app fitness trackers that are available for smartphones.


What do the best activity trackers record?
The first activity trackers were nothing more than glorified pedometers, recording how many paces you made and giving you that information as distance traveled. Brilliant at the basics but not that great at giving you the real deep information that you probably want to know.

Thanks to the benefits of modern technology your money now goes a lot further and there are a wide range of activities that you can record and monitor using an activity tracking wearable. When you come to buy you will want some or all of the following features:

  1. Sleep –  recording both length of time and quality. Why would you want to record your sleeping patterns?Getting good quality sleep is important for your health and well being. you will be surprised at how much of a negative effect not having good quality REM sleep will have on both your mental capability and your ability to perform during activity. They say that lack of sleep has the same effect on the brain as alchohol, (though it is a lot cheaper)! Most of the popular trackers including those from Fitbit and Garmin include this feature
  2. Distance Traveled – recorded by calculating paces or against location via GPS and displayed in Kilometres or Miles. Every step taken is a calorie burned and by knowing your distance traveled you will be able to set daily , weekly and monthly distance goals. These are a great way to measure your current fitness and improvements in fitness overall.
  3. Calories Burned – Activity trackers will ask you to input several pieces of information when you first boot them up. By knowing your vital stats the software will calculate calories consumed against the steps you taje or by using a built in heart rate monitor should you be a tracker which comes with one. This is ideal for those looking to lose weight as by reducing your net calories, (calories consumed against calories burned) as you will know how you are performing against your weight loss targets.
  4. Heart Rate – some of the more advanced trackers will record your pulse. By keeping your heart rate in the “zone” you will be getting the ideal level of cardiovascular benefit which will in turn improve athletic and daily performance. This is a pretty advanced feature even now and only available on the more expensive trackers however more and more are coming with this built in.

If you are looking for the best activity tracker because you want to measure performance for a specific sport or range of movement you will be interested in those which have specialised features, for example if you are looking for the best activity tracker for swimming you will need one that is waterproof or if you want the best activity tracker for cycling you will need a GPS tracker as the pedometer will not record your movement as it needs the motion of walking.

So now you know the features but what are the benefits?

The best activity trackers can help you to improve Cardiovascular health!

  • Being regularly active is well known to be an important part of staying healthy. By monitoring your levels of movement you are not only able to see how much you have moved around but you can also see when and where you need to make changes. By increasing your activity during times when you may normally be still, such as sitting at a desk if you do an office job, you will keep your heart rate up and your joints moving and reduce the risks of obesity, strokes and type 2 diabetes. You will still need to watch what you eat and refrain from activities which affect heart rate such as smoking or drinking alchohol.

The best activity trackers can help you to lose weight!

  • One of the most popular reasons for buying an activity tracker is to lose weight. While it won’t stop the amount of calories a person takes in, an activity tracker helps people lose weight by recording the amount of calories you burn. When used in combination with an app such as My Fitness Pal you can understand how these burned off calories bring down your net intake of calories during the day, vital if you have a calorie target to hit in order to reach your target weight goal. There is also a stronger sense of motivation and achievement if you can monitor your performance, create goals and targets and then go on to beat them.

The best activity trackers can help you to improve your athletic performance!

  • It is no good collecting data unless you learn from it. By recording activity when you are doing a sport and then giving you that data in an easy to understand format, activity trackers and there software allow you to learn where problems lie and where improvements can be made. You may notice that when you burn more calories when you run a certain route, even though it seems easier. By understanding this kind of information you can hack your training and hopefully reap rewards.

How much do the best activity trackers cost?
Prices for device vary depending on amount recorded, level of complexity, brand etc but you can get one from as little as £30 and they go up above £250 for the most complex trackers which are usually designed with the fitness fanatic in mind who will use it for long distance running or triathlon training. The most popular models such as the Fitbit Flex or Garmin Vivofit are around the £100 mark and are great for those who are looking to track everyday activity.

Choosing an activity tracker

You might be asking yourself how with all the features and the wide variety of models you will be able to make a decision. When you come to buy an activity tracker there are a number of things that you will want to consider:

1.  What do I need it for? Will you be using it every day or just when you go to the gym? If you intend to wear it all the time you will need one that is splashproof at least, if you want to wear it all the time you and do swimming you will need one that is waterproof. Thankfully there are a number on the market that can be worn 24 hours a day but they cost a little more than the basic models.

2. How much do I want to spend? If you are new to recording your day to day activity you may want to buy one of the entry level models which do not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive models but will get you used to looking at what you get up to everyday. If you want the best that is available on the market with very niche features such as being able to record your VOMax then you will need to spend more.

3. How do I want to wear it? Most of the devices on the market are worn like a watch around the wrist. Models like the Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip are clipped to your clothing. Many of the best activity trackers have additional chest straps that can be bought allowing you to track your heart rate or have a foot pod that fits in the trainer to record your movement.

4. Is it compatible with my phone? Most activity trackers will have software that allows them to run on both android or iOs software however you should double check that your device is compatible with your phone if you intend to sync the tracker to the phone

So why should you buy an activity tracker?

As you will see there are numerous benefits of buying an activity tracker whether you are a keep fit fanatic or just interested in learning a bit more about the activity you do everyday. If you are an athlete they will allow you to improve your performance by allowing you to set goals and work towards achieving them. If you are looking to lose weight then they will allow you to understand how the activity you have done.

If you are just looking to understand more about the way you behave day to day, your movements throughout the day and how well you are sleeping you will find that the best activity trackers will give you more than your monies worth. By looking at the reviews on this site we hope you are able to find an activity tracker that really delivers value

Best Activity Tracker for under £100

Fitbit Flex Fitbit flex activity tracker in black The Fitbit Flex is currently the no1 activity tracker for sale and it is easy to see why. The sleek design, easy to read, 5 LED display which is great for goal tracking and the large range of features makes this a great buy. The more athletic out there might miss a heart rate monitor which you will need to spend a little more to get with the Vivosmart. There are great deals to be had on this – you can buy this for as little as £58.99 making it one of our best buys. Check out our Fitbit Flex review





MisfitMisfit Shine Activity Tracker Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor

The Misfit shine is one of the more attractive wearable devices you can buy however it’s accuracy is questionable and there are more feature packed trackers in this price range. That said it is waterproof so if you are a swimmer in need of a stylish tracker, this could be the one for you. You can read our Misfit Shine Review



UP24 by Jawbone Activity and Sleep Tracker jawbone-up24 best activity tracker The UP24 by Jawbone is the perfect activity tracker for those seeking out a discreet, easy to use and feature packed activity tracker. The biggest bugbear of the UP24 is the lack of a screen meaning the only way you can look at what you have achieved is by downloading the information. This has an RRP of £125 however you can pick this up at the moment for as as little as £69.99 making it fantastic value for money! Read our Jawbone UP24 review.




Polar Loop Activity And Sleep Tracker Polar Loop Best Activity Tracker The first thing you will notice about the Polar Loop is how cool it looks, the LED display being both retro and on trend at the same time. This waterproof activity tracker is a great alternative to the Fitbit Flex thanks to that display and with over 20% off at £65.99 this is one of the best value activity trackers you can buy.







Garmin Vivofit Activity Tracker garmin vivofit best activity tracker The Garmin Vivofit has a simple design, easy to read display, decent range of features and is one of the most popular activity trackers available to buy. Prices have already started to come down from £89.99 to £69.00 as there is a new model coming in April 2015, the Garmin Vivofit 2 . Read our Garmin Vivofit Review






Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker fitbitone The Fitbit One is a clip on activity tracker rather than being wrist worn. Another very popular activity tracker from Fitbit, this has a good range of features and the only thing it really lacks is a display. This has been for sale since 2012 and other models with more features and better interface are available, however at just over £60 this is a great first buy. Read our Fitbit One review




Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker & Sleep Wristband fitbit charge review The Fitbit Charge has a strong range of features, a nice user interface and a stylish design. The Silent Alarm function is very popular as is the caller id. The ability to track height is another feature that makes this a more appealing buy than the flex and with over 20% off RRP of £99.99 we think this is a winner! Read our Fitbit Charge review.   







Best Activity Tracker for under £150

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

fitbit charge hr reviewThe Fitbit Charge HR has all of the great features and benefits of the Fiitbit Charge but with the added benefit of tracking your heart rate. This makes it ideal for those who want to use there tracker for everyday activity and are interested in understanding heart performance during more intense activity such as sport. Read our Fitbit Charge review.
Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker with Smart Notification and Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin VivosmartOne of the top fitness tracker to have come from Garmin, the Vivosmart is there current top of the range activity tracker that is packed with great features including a touchscreen, personalised daily goals and like the Fitbit Flex HR has the ability to measure heart rate through the HR strap that is included. We really like the way it keeps you motivated and we think it looks pretty great too.






Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch

fitbit surge


The Fitbit Surge is the ultimate watch that Fitbit offer, designed specifically for those who want to make the most of their performance in whatever sport they do. Features such as the purepulse heart rate monitor and specifically the GPS tracking make the Fitbit Surge great for those looking to get the best out of fitness training







PictureActivity TrackerHR Monitor?PriceRating 

FitBit One
££98/100For more information click here

FitBit Zip
££96/100For more information click here

Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS with Heart Rate Monitor
For more information click here

Fitbit Flex
££94/100For more information click here

Misfit Shine
££92/100For more information click here

Epson Runsense SF-810B with Heart Rate Monitor
Yes££££85/100For more information click here

Waterfi Jawbone UP24
For more information click here